Prove of His witty ways

Being saved uncountable times from death’s doorsteps, depression, loneliness, being cheated & hurt, temptations and being lost – I am deeply thankful to The Holy Trinity and by Mother Mary’s intercession for the many gracious leases of life and guidance. 

I’ve spent over 30 long years constantly weaving between Atheist, other religions and Christian searching for ‘comfort and safe haven’. A few of it provided the logical, physical and mental comfort yet somehow deep down my spirit and soul still feels shallow and incomplete. Only when being thrown into the pits of those darkest moments, all I could hear was a tiny voice telling me the only ladder out of those pits was through faith in The Holy Trinity, Loving Mother Mary and doing what He asked for through Bible.

A prove of God and His witty ways of reminding me of Him through His Spirit, the words of Bible, messengers (friends or enemies) and situations He has thrown in my path.

So I did just that – with a lot of faith and prayers I let my life run on His course. I did the very best I could in all situations given and always referring to the bible whenever I need to hear God ‘speak’. I’m finally here today loving God and able to feel peace and closeness. Moments when I am down and situations are rough, I’m comforted with the deep knowing that it’s God’s will molding me in His path. I don’t know His plans but I know I’m in very good hands. I’m very grateful.

My experiences and feelings for God moves me to create rosaries as my expression and dedication to His gracious love. My only hope is that my work will do a tiny fraction of justices of His loving greatness.



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